06.01.2017 14:44

Bozcaada is an item in the NY Times’ ‘Places to Go in 2017’ list

Prestigious USA newspaper New York Times has made a list of places to go in 2017 for its readers. The list of 52 places included Bozcaada of Turkey.
Destinations that are shining out on culture, architecture, gastronomy and natural beauties were suggested to readers. The article titled, ‘A slower paced way to see Turkey’, said, ‘This wind-hugged sliver of an island in the Dardanelles is delightfully secluded: a 50-minute plane ride from Istanbul to Canakkale followed by a leisurely ferry ride on the Geyikli-Bozcaada feribot (and thus far, untouched by the violence that has shadowed the country).

Despite its modest size, Bozcaada is covered in vineyards and home to six vintners, including the widely known Corvus. Beyond the vines are coves, ancient ruins, two beaches and a latte-colored Ottoman castle. Even the cobblestone downtown area has gotten more mellow: it became a traffic-free zone in 2015.’

The 52 Places to Go in 2017 of NY Times has included cities such as Calabria of Italy, Chiang Mai of Thailand, Athens of Greece and Comborta of Portugal.

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Nafiz Albayrak, New York / (DHA)