26.01.2017 17:44

!f İstanbul comes with "Remedial Things"

16th !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival will organised in İstanbul on February 16th-26th and in İzmir and Ankara on March 2nd-5th with it’s theme of the year "Remedial Things."
The festival will screen 126 films from 146 directors from 32 countries this year.

Festival directors Serra Ciliv and Pelin Turgut have introduced this year’s festival programme in the press meeting of 16th !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival was organised in Soho House, Beyoğlu.

Serra Ciliv said, the theme of the year is going to be "Remedial Things" she said, "While we were working on this year’'s festival, the questions 'What empowers us? What cures us?' were constantly on our minds. Alejandro Jodorowsky, said in an interview, 'We can’t change the world, it is just too big, we can only do Remedial Things. Remedial art, remedial music, remedial trade.' So we have started to talk about remedial things."

Pelin Turgut said, they are really enthusiastic about !f Tomorrow’s Virtual Reality and Interactive Stories Exhibitions.

"'Forms of Sight' section, where we draw new age documentaries together, named after John Berger who passed away recently. We are organising a documentarian gathering in İstanbul called Doc Lab in addition to New Film Funds, established by !f İstanbul and Anatolia Culture" Turgut added.

Orhan Sencer / İstanbul DHA