03.01.2017 17:23

Istanbul nightclub attacker arrived in Turkey from Syria

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist who attacked Istanbul’s Reina nightclub arrived in Turkey from Syria, according to newly emerged details regarding the attack.
The date when he arrived in Turkey is unknown, but he was in the Central Anatolian province of Konya on Nov. 22, 2016, before heading to Istanbul to carry out the Reina massacre, which claimed the lives of 39 people.

According to the investigation, the attacker arrived in Konya with his wife and two children and hired a house there. His family members, whose identities remain hidden, have been detained by police.

“I learned about the attack from the TV. I didn’t know that my husband was an IS militant, let alone a sympathizer” his wife reportedly said in her testimony.

Detentions have been carried out since the attack, mostly of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan citizens living in the Istanbul district of Zeytinburnu, where the police raided eight different addresses. Police also carried out operations in the Istanbul district of Başakşehir, and two foreign nationals were detained in connection to the Reina attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on Tuesday.

Elsewhere, footage of the alleged attacker that he himself recorded in Taksim has emerged, in which he can be seen filming himself and the places nearby. Officials are now evaluating whether he was surveilling the area or sending IS a message to say he was in Taksim. Other footage that has emerged shows the attacker at an exchange bureau in the Istanbul neighborhood of Laleli.

Meanwhile, the initial autopsy reports on the victims of the attack have been completed. According to the reports, several people were killed with the same bullet, and the victims were mostly hit in their chests, heads and backs.

Nobody was killed due to jumping into the Bosphorus in order to escape the attack, according to reports.