20.01.2017 18:59

Number of visitors to Troia fell by more than 50 pct.

Number of tourists visited the 5ive thousand years old ancient Troia City fell by 53 percent to 229 thousand in 2016, down from 491 thousand in 2015, according to the Tourism ministry data.
The fall in the number of tourists visited the Troia Ancient City was a result of a general decline of the Turkish tourism industry, due to security concerns.

Museums and archaeological sites of Çanakkale were visited by 640 thousand tourists last year with 15 thousand visiting Archaeological Museum, 491 thousand visiting Troia, 113 thousand visiting Assos, 9 thousand visiting Alexandria Troias and 12 thousand visiting Apollon Smintheion.

The five museums and archaeological sites of Çanakkale were visited by 368 thousand tourists in 2016. Troia, added to ‘World Heritage List’ in 1998, was visited by 229 thousand visitors last year, with 50 percent decrease as to previous year.

Çanakkale Touristic Innkeepers, Managers and Investors Association (ÇATOD) Board Member Armağan Aydeğer said, the decrease in the number of visitors is due to the problems in 2016 and conjunctural problems. “We have lost 45 percent of our visitors last year. This worries us all. Due to terrorist activities and safety concerns has wherreted tourism. There is a civil war next to our borders. 2016 was a rough year for us” she added.

Aydeğer said, there is a big shrink in foreign market. “The number of overnight stays were around 205 thousand last year but as of September 2016 the number was 62 thousand. When we look at the year end balance sheet we see a 65 percent shrink. As for domestic market we see a shrink of 15 percent. We must have a strategic plan to rectify this situation” she added.

Burak Gezen - Mustafa Suiçmez / Çanakkale DHA