04.01.2017 18:34

Owner of the restaurant the terrorist went to get money speaks

The owner of the restaurant in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul, where the Islamic State (IS) terrorist went after the deadly attack in Istanbul night club, said his and his employees had nothing to do with the incident.
It is reported that the terrorist went to a restaurant in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul by a taxi after the incident and stopped the car by a restaurant to get money for paying the taxi fee.

Şemsettin Dursun, owner of the diner located at Nuri Paşa neighborhood told the journalists that employees of the diner were taken into custody by the police and himself had no business with the incident.

"The police has interrogated and released me to reopen my diner" he said, stating that he was unbeknownst to the claim about terrorist taking money to pay for taxi. "I don’t know anything about the matter. Some of my employees are in custody; I believe they’ll turn out to be innocent" he said.

It was claimed that the terrorist came into the diner by taxi, as seen by the security camera of a workplace next to it. Telling that the police confiscated security cam footage, the workplace’s owner Tahincioğlu said the terrorist comes around 03.00 and 03.30 in the night, gets or changes some money and clears out.

According to the claims, the footage of the attacker visiting the restaurant by a taxi and entering has recorded by a CCTV of a neighboring office.

Owner of the office Mehmet Tahincioğlu said, "He comes to the restaurant around 3- 3:30 AM by a taxi and exchange money. Two days ago police officers have taken my recording device. There was footage of a taxi stopping in front of the restaurant, getting paid and leaving on the recordings."

As a precautionary measure, police units are still guarding the street the terrorist came to get or change money.

İbrahim Aktürk / İstanbul DHA