27.03.2015 14:03

Turkish Parliament approves controversial security bill

The Turkish Parliament passed the government’s controversial security bill, after another fractious 16-hour debate, on March 27.
The bill was approved after an all-night session at parliament’s General Assembly, where the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) holds the majority. Out of 231 deputies present at the session, 199 voted for the bill and 32 voted against it.

The opposition has claimed that the bill would allow President Tayyip Erdoğan to transform Turkey into a “police state” by granting the authorities new powers to crack down on protests.

As reactions grew, the government put a more limited version of the bill up for vote. As a result, 69 articles were approved while the remaining 63 were sent back to a parliamentary committee for further discussion.

However, the articles voted and passed include some of the most contentious measures, including jail terms for protesters who carry Molotov cocktails and other such weapons.
Istanbul, March 27 (DHA)