04.09.2015 10:34

Turkish PM blames international community, Europe for refugee crisis

European leaders must understand that the refugee crisis is no longer a legal or political matter but is about the future of humanity, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said, accusing the international community of not doing enough to address the problem.
“The world is facing one of the biggest tragedies of humanity. A crisis that was ignored for years is washing up on the shores of Europe. Bitter facts that the modern world tried to avoid have tagged behind it” Davutoğlu said in a written statement.

“People who have been in pain for years are now issuing a call for justice and mercy through Aylan’s three-year-old body. European leaders now must see that this is no longer a legal or political issue, it is about the future of humanity” he added.

The death of Aylan and others is the result of meetings in capital cities and “cold Brussels rooms,” Davutoğlu said, adding that “The loser is the whole of humanity and the international community for failing to do its share.”
Ankara, Sep 4 (DHA)