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EnglishGoal of the Sultans: Bringing the 5-star Equestrian Tournament to Türkiye

Goal of the Sultans: Bringing the 5-star Equestrian Tournament to Türkiye

The 'Istanbul Sultans' team, which was found with the goal of bringing international successes to Türkiye in the field of equestrian, aims to organize the 5-star tournament in equestrianism in Türkiye. The team aims to organize the Turkish leg of the organization in Hagia Sophia in order to contribute to the promotion of the country.

Goal of the Sultans: Bringing the 5-star Equestrian Tournament to Türkiye

Stating that they will carry out important projects related to equestrianism in Türkiye, businessman Istanbul Yilmaz said, “Equestrian is our field because here in Türkiye, unfortunately, we are far behind in that field even though it is our ancestors sport. We have also done research on this, we know that 1-star and 2-star show jumping tournaments are organized by the Turkish Equestrian Federation. However, we started to work to bring this project to our country, thinking that we need to get up to date in equestrianism. 1 and 2 star tournaments are currently organized in Turkey. 3-star also happened once in history, but 5-star tournament never happened in Turkish history. It is our great goal to bring this five-star tournament to Türkiye, I hope we will bring it this year. Since this is a very prestigious competition, it is a very detailed and comprehensive project, that is, incomparable to one, two, or three stars. The quality, the riders and of course the prize are very high, also the riders competing here are very different. The world's best riders, best horses, this tournament takes place in the most popular cities of the world.”


Explaining that they held important meetings to carry out the the project in Türkiye, Yilmaz continued as follows:

“We met with the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Minister of Culture and Tourism and got their approval. We are planning to organize the project in October. Five-star show jumping is the top tier in equestrianism, so there's nothing above that. We think that it will add a lot to our country for promotional and prestige purposes. For this reason, we expect the support of our President to this project. We know that our President will not spare his support in such world organizations with a visionary perspective. Since it will be the first time, I think we need to pinpoint the location. Visuality is very important in this tournament, it is held under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we are planning to do it in Hagia Sophia or Yenikapi in Istanbul. We will do the best in our country in the best way.”